Our Leadership

Elder Lena Baker
Lena Baker rededicated her life to Christ and was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1989. Lena attended Serenity School of Ministry in Detroit Michigan, where she studied biblical principles and the foundational doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ. She also was a faithful member of the Serenity Center Ministry team for 17 years, where she led the youth ministry in God inspired dramas, songs, and dance.

Minister Lena's strong faith in God has been the nucleus of her spiritual walk, which also has rooted and grounded her in a profound relationship with the Lord. Trusting in God whole heartedly to bring her through life's trials and tribulations, then to witness His supernatural power be performed in those situations, has catapulted Lena's growth in the knowledge of God and in his word. Lena believes that being obedient to God's principle's are the gateway to revelation knowledge and wisdom in GOD's word.

Minister Baker is a co-founder of Christ Center Ministries and has been ordained by God to work in His Kingdom. Lena has ministered at women and men's shelters and is well known for her loving spirit and generosity . Minister Lena's objective in the Kingdom is to teach God's pure word so that it reaches the spirit and soul of a person, with signs and wonders following and introduce them to a one-on-one relationship with God.


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