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By Deb O' Rah Mitchell, Betty Payton, Lena Baker and Elaine Clemmon-Smith
Several years ago, four friends set out to pray and receive an answer and a solution to an elusive problem, which plagued them their entire life. As the women sought God, the Lord began to speak to them prophetically about what was happening on the earth and what He is desiring from those that seek after the favor of God. This book is the voice of God as it was recorded and documented during these powerful, humbling meetings. God wants YOU to find solutions for your life problems too. On thes [MORE]
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Many say this is a new day and a new season; but what does that mean to you? Does God direct your everyday life? Does God bring healing, balance, peace and joy to you? Do you see visions of heaven and do you hear God's voice? Is there hope in your situation? The documented facts of the Bible and of this author's experiences with God say YES! God longs for you to know Him, hear Him and to let Him touch you. What the author has compiled in this book is birthed through her day-to-day experiences. [MORE]

Price: $8.00

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